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Welcome to Simply Mama Bird! I’m Holly, a wife to an idealistic Napoleon (his words 😉 ), a stay at home mama to two crazy kiddos, and a lover of Jesus. When I’m not figuring out how to do this blogging thing, you can find me chasing after the babies, reading a book, or cleaning up yet another mess. My Catholic faith has taught me to strive for loving and living with great intention. I fail at this everyday, but I keep coming back to try again.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, my husband and I met during college at UW- Madison and got married a year after graduating.  We had Nora 9 months later and Charlie 20 months after that. Our little family currently lives in Tampa, FL during this stretch of our adventure. We’re not sure what’s up ahead, but we’re excited to see where God sends us next.

Simply Mama Bird was born to share our Bird Family life adventures and the lessons I’m learning along the way. I want to share how Jesus is working in our lives and the methods we’re using to take care of everything He has given to us. I hope that you’ll enjoy being a part of this blogging journey. I hope that you’ll find something here that inspires you or helps you on your own journey. I hope that every so often I’ll make you smile or laugh out loud. I hope that you’ll feel that I’m a part of your village, just as you are all mine. Thanks for coming along for the adventure- it should be a wild ride!

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